About Boveda

About Boveda Inc.

Boveda Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1997, Boveda Inc. is the global leader in 2-way humidity control for a multitude of industries and applications. Our patented products allow companies and end-users to preserve moisture-sensitive products over extended periods of time with zero maintenance.

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Market Applications
Boveda engineers multiple different relative humidity levels for various industries for use in intermediate moisture control, defined as a RH need between 0 and 100% RH. Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control is unique to the world in that it responds to ambient temperature and moisture by adding or removing humidity, as needed, to regulate the pre-determined RH% engineered into each Boveda. While some RH levels are used in multiple industries, others are industry-specific. Boveda is made of all-natural food-grade ingredients and can incorporate an oxygen scavenger when needed.

Boveda, in various sizes and RH levels, is used for applications in premium tobacco, musical instruments, food, nutraceuticals, electronics, medical devices, Major League Baseball and herbal medication.

How it Works
Boveda works on the scientific principle that certain salts mixed with water will naturally regulate humidity. Boveda’s patents are on the methods invented to make this scientific principle portable and practical for the rigors of packaging applications. Boveda absorbs and emits only purified water vapor through its semipermeable membrane and does not damage material through direct contact.

Commercialized Formulas
Boveda markets commercial formulas that regulate relative humidity to the following RH levels: 13%, 33%, 48%, 59%, 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, 78%, 84%

Company History
Boveda’s patended technology was co-engineered in 1996 by Albert Saari, Ph.D., a formulations chemist, and Robert Esse, a high-level packaging expert, both from General Mills Corporation. The company was incorporated as a Minnesota corporation in June 1997, and in December 1998, they were granted their first patent for 2-way humidity control. All of the 31-claims submitted to the U.S. Patent Office were accepted in the original patent. Since then, many international patents have also been awarded. In addition to the original patent, Boveda has been awarded (or has submitted) several other patents relating to 2-way humidity control for packaging, including multi-purpose Boveda packs that, in addition to managing moisture, Oxygen absorber and/or Mold prevention|control mold all in one pack.

Before 2012, Boveda Inc. was officially named Humidipak Inc. The company’s 2-way humidity control products were sold under two different brand names, Humidipak and Boveda, even though the company, product and technology were exactly the same. In an effort to reduce confusion in the marketplace, the company decided to unify their products under the Boveda brand name in 2011. The company ownership and leadership was not affected in any way by the name and branding consolidation.

With a re-branding launch at the 2012 IPCPR convention, the company announced its name change and debuted the logo and packaging changes to retailers and manufacturers. In August 2012, the new packaging started to ship from the company’s manufacturing facilities and the Humidipak name ceased to be produced.

Cigar Manufacturers that Utilize Boveda Technology
Boveda Inc. works with numerous premium cigar brands to include their patented 2-way humidity control inside OEM packaging (cigar boxes and sampler packs). These customers include Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, Oliva, Padron, Altadis, CAO, Drew Estate, Toraño, and La Flor Dominicana.

Music Industry
In the guitar market, Boveda works with D’Addario to produce and market the Humidipak Planet Waves line of humidity control products.